Dear Diary,
I was at an evening event the other night and a listener came up to me and said, “Bethany! How do you go out at night all the time and wake up in such a good mood every morning!  I could never do that.”
My answer to her… “I can’t.  It’s not always real.”
She looked at me really weird.
I think I disappointed her.
But, truthfully, it’s not always easy to be happy in the morning.
That’s not something that is specific to my job, though!  I’m sure you have those days, weeks, oh hell, even months!  When you seem to be in a funk.  Nothing seems to be flowing, and you need a little inspiration.  You don’t always feel like being nice to customers, or cheering on your students, or going the extra mile for your patients.
That listener may just have given me the kick in the pants that I needed to get my act together!
She didn’t know that I had to get my car jumped 3 times that day!  She had no idea that my baby boy graduated Pre-K that morning and I was feeling sad, and old and lonely about it.  She didn’t know that my husband and I are redoing our kitchen right now and I can’t even find a freaking paper plate!  Poor thing didn’t know I was currently duking it out with said husband over stupid stuff!  She had no idea that I didn’t write as many blogs as I was supposed to last week and throughout the day had gotten hounded by not 1, but 3 bosses about it.  She didn’t know that I lost my laptop charger (which is partially to blame for the lack of blogs) and I had to pay $80 for a new one!  How could she have known that I tried to take next week off because I don’t have a babysitter for my 4 year old, but was denied and instead have to do the morning show by myself and bring him with me?  She couldn’t have.  And she couldn’t have known that, well, frankly, it’s that time of the month!  You know ladies, the time when your first world problems become massive catastrophes of epic proportion!  When nothing - not chocolate, not wine, not even bacon or a pedicure can help your terrible attitude.
And so when I answered her in a real, unfiltered way… I think it shocked her.
I’m sorry about that.  And, I don’t want her to think that I am fake.  Trust me… sometimes I’m too real!  Way too real!  Hence the upfront answer!
But sometimes my mood is, well, a little forced.  But that’s okay, I’m sure hers is sometimes too!  I’m sure yours is too!  Sometimes you have to make yourself happy!
That moment has replayed in my mind a few times since that night.  And thanks to that lovely listener, whose name I didn’t even bother to ask (sorry, that was rude!) I am re-evaluating!
Here’s the revamped version of my drama-filled day –
My amazing husband not only fixed my car for me, but did it for only $11!  Handsome, smart and so good with his hands!
My beautiful, smart, handsome baby boy is perfect in every way and is moving on to Kindergarten!  And, not only am I blessed to have him, but he has an equally beautiful, smart, hysterical sister who is just as perfect in every way and we couldn’t be more blessed.  I am a proud mommy.
Sure, maybe sometimes my husband and I throw down, but it’s only because we’re passionate about life, and each other.  Also, making up is sometimes fun! ;-)  Plus I was probably being a tool.
I’m getting a new kitchen!  Yay! And since we’re doing the work ourselves on the cheap, my wallet doesn’t hurt that bad!  Yay!
My job is pretty cool.  So, sure, they wanted more blogs from me… well, great!  Here ya go!  Brutal honesty in written form.  Thanks for this platform for which I can connect with listeners in multiple ways! (For the record - this is blog 8 of the required 12 with three days to go – I’m not getting any nasty emails this week if I can help it!)
Yeah, $80 seemed like a lot for a new charger, but, hey, I didn’t lose the whole computer!
I’m going on vacation in August and it’s going to be great!
Turner gets to come to work with me next week and see me do a morning show!  He’ll get to see what Mommy does for a living and listen to some great country music!  And you can listen next week for my Kindergarten Ko-Host!
PMS only lasts a couple of days!  Hooooooray!!!!
And, lots of people have REAL problems.  Sad, unsolvable, devastating problems.  And I need to shut up and be thankful for what I have!  I know that.  But sometimes I just need a little reminder.
Thanks Jane Doe listener, for that reminder.  Come say hello to me next time you see me out, I promise this time I’ll ask you what your name is!
Love Always,
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