Former Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver and Former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos will learn the fate of their futures on the same day.

It’s ironic, they were two state lawmakers, one headed the Assembly the other was head of the Senate, working at the same state capitol for years, both accused of corruption (different circumstances), and now they will both be sentenced on the same day!
It was reported that Dean Skelos, the former New York State Senate Majority Leader, will have his sentencing rescheduled for April 13, the same day as former Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver is to be sentenced. Now, they will be at different places, but oh, the irony.


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April 13 will certainly be a busy day for New York media outlets. The sentencing for these former state leaders, and Adam Skelos, the son of Dean Skelos, could yield years and years of jail time. The New York Daily News reported the Skelos’ are facing 130 years in jail combined.


Silver was convicted of fraud and extortion for which he benefited more than $4 million in legal referrals. Skelos was convicted for using his office to divert state business to a company where his Son Adam worked.
Stay tuned on April 13 for all the details!