I can't imagine being a worker at a zoo, and knowing that one of the dangerous animals, or in this case reptiles, was roaming around. It sounds like a science fiction movie, but it did happen at The Bronx Zoo. This happened last week: A highly venomous cobra, escaped from her holding cage. Luckily she was captured Thursday morning in a dark corner of the Reptile House, according to Bronx Zoo officials.

While she was slithering around, the Egyptian Cobra has become a world-wide celebrity. After all, she did make headlines. She became a joke Twitter account set up on the snake's behalf now has about 200,000 followers. I wonder if she has a Face Book page? Maybe she can "friend" us.

Here's a sobering little fact: The Egyptian Cobra's venom is so poisonous, it can kill a human in just fifteen minutes. So, while many have cheered the cobra's new-found freedom, it's probably a good thing this snake is back in her cage.

I know people who have seen a garden snake in their back yards, and that made them run and hide. As long as it's a garden snake, I don't have a problem with it. Besides, it usually tries to get away from people. Aren't you glad they found the poisonous snake? I know I am, even though it's not anywhere near me.

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