The NASCAR rain delay in Daytona is not all that surprising to me.  Oh, I have been there!

While watching the coverage on NBC, I saw fans start to leave the stands, put on their rain ponchos and put up their umbrellas.  It got me thinking back to the Daytona 500 races I attended and the rain delays I sat through.  Ugh, fans at the Daytona International Speedway, I feel your pain!

We have been going to race for the last 6 years or so.  We do the whole weekend experience which is 2 long days of walking but 2 great days of racing.  OK, I am getting off topic!

So, the first few years were great. Sunny and only one 4 hour delay to fill a pot hole!  Again, I digress.  It usually goes, one hot and sunny year then one cold or rainy year.  But man, when the rain hits…it hits.  And not just like a shower…it POURS!  Much like fans are facing right now!

Getty Images

So, as I sit on my pouch on this gorgeous July night in Albany NY, waiting for the rain to pass in Florida, I wanted to share with you my rain delay photos and hopefully help the fans at the track pass some time reading this!

So, here we are in the stands.  Andrea sees how miserable we are and takes advantage.  But at this point you really think, “I can handle this”  but you are miserable.

Sean McMaster

Here you see Stan and Jack waiting it out.  I had to go under the bleachers.  There is just so much I can take.  I know I know…poor me.

Sean McMaster

Nothing beats the 2014 race with the tornado warnings.  We left the track it was raining so hard.  Buy my die hard Jeff Gordon fan Sister-in-Law Sarah Paris waited outside under the bleachers for HOURS with her not so happy to be there husband stood by her.  They were so miserable no pictures were allowed.

So, fans in Daytona, hang in there, I feel your pain.  Hopefully the race will go on!