You know when it comes down to it, I got a soft heart. Sometimes I can be ridiculous with tears, even during Disney movies, but this one I am not ashamed to be moved by. I think if it doesn't touch you, you may have to see a doctor and find out if your heart is still actually beating.

The video, "A Flashmob For Amy!" was made by Amy's daughter. It seems that Amy has been given a terminal cancer diagnosis and on her 56th birthday, her daughter told her to come outside because she had come up with a dance for her. What it looks to be, perhaps Amy's husband and her daughter's husband who begin "the dance," but I am not sure. I am sure that as the music goes on you can see more and more people pour into Amy's backyard and those 50 people are her friends and family who came from five different states to surprise her with this "flashmob." I could not help but be blown away by that kind of love and support and by the reactions from Amy as they also had a camera facing her the entire time.

I hope you like this as much as I did and find peace in the knowledge that the truth is no matter how hard things get, none of us are alone in this, and if you are lucky like Amy, you are very much NEVER ALONE!