Football can be a extremely violent game and all who play at the pro level know they are one play away from a possibly career ending injury. That being said there are rules in place to keep the players at least a little bit safer. This hit on Darrius Heyward-Bey breaks about four of them.

Maybe it's because I'm a Raiders fan or maybe because I'm a little older now and know how bad people can be hurt by carelessness but this hit makes me so angry. Ryan Mundy of the Pittsburgh Steelers leads with his helmet, launches, hits DHB in the head and hits a defenseless receiver. All of these things are against the rules for clear reasons. Heyward-Bey did give the crowd a thumbs up but right now it's unclear not only when he will get to play again but if he will. Mundy's fine will be one of the largest you'll see this season, not that that helps DHB's family that watched him get carted off the field after this careless hit.



reports are DHB is talking a bit and even moving his extremities. Please join me in wishing him a speedy recovery!