You can say what you want pro or con about President Obama, but at least he's realistic.  At least he's a little bit sensitive to the interests of the  politically conscious, news hungry American public.  Get this- According to New York Times.

President Obama's speech making the case for intervention in Libya came after some high-level talks—with TV networks. The White House and network officials agreed on a 7:30pm ET slot, which ensured ABC would still be able to broadcast Dancing with the Starsat 8pm as planned.

I totally understand.  I was so upset last Wednesday  when they even MENTIONED the  Japanese earthquake during American Idol!  What's more important???  A national tragedy, or hearing Scotty sing those hot country favorites?    (do you smell the sarcasm here?)  I can't believe this is even an issue.  It made my imagination run wild just now.

Can you imagine that meeting between the White House and the major networks?

White House- We have an extremely important announcement from the President that we need to tell                                       the American people.  Libya  is of ultimate importance.  We'd like to air it this at 8PM.

Fox Executive- Are you crazy?  We've been hyping the special "House" episode where someone vomits                                            a green slimy substance that infects the entire hospital.  And it's during Sweeps week!                                      That's must see TV.  Lord knows we've never had a plot like this before.

ABC Executive-  Our test marketing shows that there would be a massive revolt amongst  Kirstie Alley                                         fans.  Now if we can get Barack  to come on and do the samba with her, we can help                                          you.  Otherwise, you guys are S.O.L.

PBS Exec- Let's see.  Obama's Road Show or Antique Road Show?   I rest my case.

White House-  Ok, we have enough on our plate.   We'll just air it at 7:30PM and avoid all these conflicts

CBS Exec What?  During 2 and a Half Men??   Your thinking is crazier than Charlie's.  "Obama                                         Ahhhhh-loser!"

ABC Exec         Seriously? Seriously?  During Jeopardy?  "Political Suicide for 100, Alex!"

And so on.   But seriously, folks.  Do you believe that they even have to worry about this kind of thing         when the world is falling apart right before our eyes.  Don't you want to keep up on current events??

Did you watch the speech?   If a speech like this came on during your favorite show, would you be upset?

(I'd like to write more, but "Regis" is on....)