The CW will not be bringing back their cheerleading show "Hellcats". They also ended "Smallville", but they are bringing "One Tree Hill" back for one last season.  There will be 13 more episodes. The CW has also renewed:  "Gossip Girl", "The Vampire Diaries", "Nikita", "90210", "Supernatural", and "America's Next Top Model".

The CW is launching six new shows, three dramas and three reality shows. 

"The Ringer":  This show is essentially a hand-me-down.  It was originally being developed at CBS . . . but it didn't make their cut.  The CW picked it up, and they're talking it up like it's the head of the class. It features Sarah Michelle Gellar playing twins. One who's "a recovering junkie with a dark past," and one who's rich and has "a dark present."  

 "Hart of Dixie":  Rachel Bilson plays a New York City doctor who moves to an eccentric small town in rural Alabama to become a general practitioner.  Which basically sounds like the female version "Doc Hollywood".

 "The Secret Circle":  This drama seems a lot like "Vampire Diaries" . . . only with witches.   

"H8R":  Yes, that's "Hater" . . . "H-8-R."  It's a reality show hosted by Mario Lopez, in which celebrities go "head-to-head" with normal people who HATE them.  The celebrities' objective is apparently to "win over" their haters. There are different stars each week.  Kim Kardashian and Snooki are the only two they've announced so far.

 "The Frame":  A "Big Brother"-type show where pairs of people are filmed 24/7, while living together in seclusion somewhere  and can be sent home by viewers.

 "Re-Modeled ":  A reality show about modeling agencies.

 Hear what I think right here. PUSH THE BUTTON!