Now I feel guilty.  Really guilty!  I get hand drawn thank you cards many times from classes on the Reading Writing and Writing Tour, and very rarely get a chance to show them to people or to acknowledge them in any way.  Well, thanks to the blogosphere, I can change that!

When I came in this morning (bleary eyed as usual), I took my jacket off, looked down at my keyboard, and lo and behold- this is what I see:


Here are some of the very cute cards from the kids from Ms. Toher's class at  Yates Magnet School.  You can tell that they worked really hard on this.  Let's give them credit where credit is due, shall we?




See how bad I am with art?  I can't even center the cards on the page! In fact, look at this blog!  I don't even know how to get these two pictures in line.  I wish I could hire these talented kids to help me!

Once again, thanks for sending these.  It brightened my day, and mine starts very early!  If you'd like to hear the song that the kids wrote, you can find my other Yates blog here.

If you are a teacher and would like to sign up for the school tour next year, it's never too early!  Just send an email to me at . Tell me the size of your class and where you are located.  I do restrict it to 25 kids or less, just to let you know!