This was an example of being at the right place at the right time. I hosted an event for GE  at Proctors recently, which is always a thrill.  It was a variety nite for GE employees.  One of the acts was the Ferrara Dance Studio out of Rotterdam.  After bringing them on, I stood in the wings and happened to catch this really cute mishap with my cellphone.

There were several acts that nite - a barbershop quartet, a rock band and this dance troupe which was a multi-age ensemble of kids.  The youngest of the bunch took their places on the iconic Proctors stage and began their carefully choreographed dance.  I'm sure they practiced this multiple times, but hey, I guess Murphy's law can strike anyone at any time, and at any age, even preschool.

I didn't actually get this little girl's name.  We'll leave that out in case she's embarrassed by this, although she shouldn't be.  She handled what happened like a seasoned pro.  She didn't freak out or cry or storm off like some of the adult divas we've read about in the past (yes, YOU, BIEBER!)

Anyway, take a look!

I thought you'd enjoy that!  America's Funniest Home Videos, here we come. Congrats to all of the kids for a really enjoyable performance!  To see the other acts from that evening, you can click here.