Wow, I hate when these things happen to one of my favorite shows but according to TV Guide, one of the major characters on "Criminal Minds" will be killed off at the end of this season.

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According to show producers, one of the team members will be kidnapped by the "Replicator" and one character will be killed and "not everyone will come out unscathed".

Wow! I must admit that this show has tested my patience with cast members coming and going in the past, but I can tell you there are a few characters that in my opinion, they BETTER bring back next year or they will have lost me.

I don't know about you but Dr. Reid to me is the one character that if he were killed off , I just would not be able to watch anymore, I feel like there is no way that producers would ever let him go. However, the article in TV guide has speculated that another "Fan favorite" may be in jeopardy.

The thought is that because of contract negotiations, the two most likely to be the one to die are, "JJ" (who as you know they HAD to bring back after fan outrage the last time she was let go from the show) and believe it or not... "GARCIA"! Oh heck no, say it isn't so!

So my question to you is what character's death would make you stop watching the show? OR would you contibue to watch no matter what?