I’ve said it many times before, criminals are not the smartest people.  This criminal may just be one of the unluckiest criminal too!Let me set the stage for you.  A man calls his buddy over to review the game plan for their upcoming break in spree!  (Everyone needs a planning session!) The two begin to plan how they will break into homes, empty drawers and steal people’s thing.  A simple plan that I am sure they thought would be flawless!  Then, it happens!

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Scott Robert Esser butt dials 911. Imagine the luck! He calls the police himself.  BUTT DIALS THE POLICE!!  He tells them the entire plan!  Ugh!

Esser has since been indicted on burglary charges. He's jailed in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Man, I can’t stress enough, if you are going to host a planning session to review your criminal act, shut your phone off – I mean….don’t break the law.