I’ll be the first to admit- a motorcyle dude I’ll never be.  (I broke my collarbone once on a moped--if that gives you any idea)  But through the station and on my own I’ve met many who love the sport and I totally appreciate the enthusiam it generates.  Ahhh, the freedom one must feel as you crank it up on the beautiful Adirondack Northway in the summer on the way to Americade!

Unfortunately, after many many attempts to recreate the movie “Easy Rider” the mileage tends to pile up, and at one point, as in all forms of transportation,  it’ll be time to retire your “ride”  to that big moto-reclying plant in the sky.   Right?  Not so fast!!!!

Not no, Peter Fonda wannabe! People are using motorcycle parts in exciting new ways.  Ways you’d never believe.  One guy made a TURNTABLE out of old bike parts (God knows why!  He probably has no records to play on them!! Another used a Triumph motorcycle headlights to create speaker enclosures.  So cool!!

Check it out, dude! (That’s the extent of my biker lingo).

I guess the grass is always greener.  I’ve been blessed with a musical ability. Yea, but I’m JEALOUS!!  I could NEVER make something like what you’ve seen here.  That takes an AMAZING ability.  So never underestimate your hidden gifts.  Work on them, and bring them to the surface like these people!!