I was really impressed with country music star Craig Campbell. He was really great with the "peeps". Proof below
On Friday morning at the Festval, after our broadcast, I had the chance to drive through the campsites with him in a Dodge Ram - yelling into a bullhorn that "Craig Campell was about to perform a quick acoustic show for ya'll". It was only 10:00 am! Festival campers were outside their tents cooking breakfast, playing cards, listening to their radios and the like.

However, one group had another form of early morning recreation going - BEER PONG! We stopped the truck, and the folks gathered around his door asking if he wanted to play! Without battin' an eye, Craig obliged-


They were loving it! After several more trips through the campsites, we hurried him over to the main building. Everyone followed directions and met us there. Guess the bullhorn worked!



Kudos to Craig for being a friendly, down to earth kinda guy. I enjoyed hangin' with him!
Did YOU get to meet anyone down there? Would love to know!