The feature is called YOUR TOWN THURSDAY, but because of an extremely important radiothon we are holding for St. Jude Children's Hospital (please give!), I will be debuting a new ditty on FRIDAY instead.  And what fine town gets "rhymed" this time?It's Coxsackie, NY. I know where it is, but  I looked it up on Google maps to give me more information, and here's what it showed:

Wow, how intricate!  Thanks for that!  This gives me SO MUCH to work with!   Coxsackie and West Coxsackie.  What ever happened to East Coxsackie? What are those people, chopped liver?

Seriously though, I have had a few requests to work on a theme, a jingle if you will, for this fine place, but I really need some serious help here.  I pass it on the Thruway alot I know there's a prison around there somewhere.  And I think there's a real good restaurant called Reds. Or there WAS at one time.  I'm clueless.  I need YOU.  And if you have a song idea to use as the parody, I'll take that help too.  I will give you co-writing credit on the air if that helps.  Please send me your infomation either in the comment area or to

(Can you get the Mayor to write me? There must be one!)