When we were broadcasting at the Crossgates Mall raising money to help the victims of the recent flooding here in the Capital District a listener came up to me and asked if she could talk to the "Coupon Lady". I explained that while she was not there at the time, I could relay a message as I sleep next to her at night.  The listener wanted me to ask her to blog about how  people could use their coupons to buy things that the flood victims and even the local food banks could use. I told her that her idea was not only a great one but that Andrea was already working on it. So here is what she put together, I think it's a great idea and can really go a long way to helping others and not spending too much to do it.

Donating with Coupons!

If you are thinking of donating much needed items to Hurricane Irene flood victims in either Green or Schoharie Counties, instead of cleaning out your closet to donate needed toothpaste or health care products, here is a thrifty way you can donate for less than $10 using coupons.

I have checked Price chopper for their sales on cleaning & health care products, crosschecked that with coupons available over the last couple of weeks and here is what you can do:

Visit www.coupondede.com. Here you can purchase coupons in bulk for $5 (plus $1.14 for shipping). These will arrive 2 days later…so if you order today, you can be shopping by Friday and dropping off your donations on Saturday.

Once on the website, on the top of the page click on “clipped categories”. Then on the left, click on “cleaning”.

Add to your cart the following coupons and amount you would like to purchase. Here is a sample list you can use, it will cost you no more than $6.60.

Irish Spring Bar Soap $.50 off (this will come in Spanish… It’s ok it will work) Purchase 13 Total cost $1.04

Soft Soap Hand Soap $.35: Purchase 10 total cost : $.80

Click on “Health/Beauty” and add to cart:

Degree Deodorant $.75 off any: Purchase 13 Total Cost $1.04

Curad Band-Aids $.50 off: Purchase 13 Total Cost $1.04

Colgate Toothpaste $.50 off ANY: Purchase 10 Total Cost $1.50

When you go to price chopper, head to the $1 shelf to find the Irish Spring, Degree and Soft Soap. Purchase 4 of each per transaction. The soft Soap will cost $1.20 the other 4 items will be FREE!

Colgate and Curad can be found in the health/Beauty Aisle. These are both on sale this week. Purchase 3 Colgate and 4 Curad Band-Aids.

Colgate buy one at $3.69 get 2 free. Use 3 $.50 off pay $.69 TOTAL!

Curad - $1.19 use the $.50 off and pay $.20.

With all 19 items (you should be using 19 coupons) your total at the register will be $2.70 (plus tax)

Remember, coupons will only be doubled to half your purchase total, so make sure you are buying other items you need for you house totaling at least $20.

Use the extra coupons for yourself, or make another purchase to donate more!