Countryfest 2013 is SOLD OUT at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds this Saturday, July 13th. When we say it's SOLD OUT, that's what it means. There are no more tickets for sale and there WILL BE NO TICKETS FOR SALE ON THE DAY OF THE SHOW. 500 of you purchased VIP tickets for Countryfest. Here's what you need to know in regards to VIP:

1. If you are a VIP Ticket holder you will be parking at the main lot at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds. Just make sure you have your VIP Ticket in hand to show the attendants in the lot so they can direct you to the VIP parking area for your free reserved parking.

2. Once at the show VIP ticket holders will be given wrist bands so that we know you belong in the VIP area. You will be able to set your lawn chairs up in the area which will be to the right hand side of the Countryfest stage.

3. There will also be food and beverage sales access located close to the VIP area so it will be a quick walk to and from the VIP area if you're hungry or thirsty during the day.

Note: The main parking lot at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds is for ticket holders only. You will be asked to show your ticket before you enter that lot, if you don't have a ticket they will turn you around. Remember the show is totally SOLD OUT and no tickets will be available at all the day of the show.