The beauty of the music world is that all of our favorite artists are connected in some way.

This guy knows this one, this songwriter introduced this one and this one, these two were paired for an award show performance you'll never forget and so on and so forth. I even know one of the artists that'll be mention, so I thought it might be cool to dig up some of the cool collaborations that this year's Countryfest 2016 lineup has been a part of.

Let's start with those recently added to the bill: Thompson Square.

The duo on and off the stage just welcomed their first child, a baby boy, but it doesn't mean that 2015 was all about the birth. The pair teamed up with longtime success story Blues Traveler for their new album "Blow Up The Moon." The album is collaboration after collaboration with artists from every genre (including my fave: Hanson.) Songs "Matador" and "I Can Still Feel You" feature this Countryfest artist and you can check out the album HERE.

Charles Kelley

You know him best as 1/3 of the group, Lady Antebellum. Kelley recently released his first solo effort, "The Driver" to rave reviews and has been busy promoting it around the country. With Lady A, there have been some notable collaborations, but one that struck me as amazing happened to pop up just a couple of days ago: Rob Thomas. The two were photographed during a rehearsal for "CMT: Crossroads." With the talent of these two combined, this performance is something to be anxious for.

Eli Young Band

I knew someone would've eventually picked up my friend Andy Grammer's song in the country world the moment I heard it, it was just a matter of who. In 2015, Grammer teamed up with Eli Young Band to re-record his hit, "Honey, I'm Good." Here is the video from Andy's Vevo channel:


Granger Smith

I'll admit, this "collaboration" is more a combo of personalities rather than actual artists because it's all Granger Smith. Turns out, he's hilarious and shines through his alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr.! Smith himself is a true country artist yet he's well aware of the country boy stereotypes and that's where Dibbles Jr. comes into play. He sings about all of the things you'd expect out of a deep, into the stick, country singer. Songs like "City Boy Stuck" and my favorite "'Merica."

Lee Brice

This one is awesome, not only is Lee Brice your Countryfest headliner but the song in question happens to be one that he wrote for another Countryfest act: Eli Young Band. They went on to release the single as their fifth official release and of course, it did fantastic. Not only this, but Brice has performed this multiple times live with the one and only Luke Bryan and that in itself makes this collaboration one of the coolest on the list.

See your Countryfest artists live July 9 at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds with 'GNA.