Today was the big announcement for CountryFest 2012 and I gotta tell ya, Ol' Scottie B is pumped up and psyched about it. The Main reason? Three Words: Eric Freakin' Church!

I am a big fan of EC. He is one of the modern day country outlaws and he puts on a rockin' show. If you saw him open up for Toby Keith last Summer then you know what I am talking about. His album "Chief" is one that is constantly on in my car. If you hear "Drink In My Hand" blaring from a car while walking down Central Ave., then that's probably me!

You obviously can't forget the other acts announced for the show. Josh Thompson is another one of those outlaw types who also puts on a rockin show. He packed Vapor last year with an awesome show and I expect the same from him on July 7th. Josh's "Way Out Here" Album is another one that's constantly booming in my car. I have to watch my foot on the gas pedal when "Blame It On Waylon" comes on!

Thompson Square ( No relation to Josh, LOL) hooked me when I first heard "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" and I was a true fan when I saw them perform at our Rising Stars Concert last year. Kiefer and Shawna have some great chemistry and are very funny. They are also coming off a huge win last night taking home the ACM for Vocal Duo of the Year. A very well deserved award and you will see why on July 7th.

Finally, we also have Joe Nichols, Like Eric he is a CountryFest veteran playing the show back in 2007. Another great performer who puts on a stellar show. You know he'll be breaking out all the hit's like "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" and "Brokenheartsville". But he may just break out Nickelback's "RockStar" like he did when he played at Proctors last February.

On top of everything else, We will have a big ol' block party throughout the day starting at noon with music and fun before these acts hit the stage. I always love a big party and this wil be Huge!