A lot of the Country music stars voiced their opinions via social media about the horrific shooting at Sand Hook Elementary School. Here's a few of them.

Brad Paisley:  "I spent 15 minutes yelling at the top of my lungs about what happened in Connecticut.  I'm as mad as I am sad.  Enough.  Enough!!!"

Carrie Underwood:  "All my thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies go out to the families in Connecticut dealing with this tragedy.  There are no words."

Taylor Swift:  "I'm heartsick about the senseless tragedy and praying for the families of the children and teachers who lost their lives.  Unthinkable."

Tim McGraw:  "As parents, Faith and I cannot even imagine the horror that all of these families face.  Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with all that have been affected by this tragedy."

Blake Shelton.  "Stand strong and stand united everyone.  We are Americans and we are better than this.  What a sad, sad disgusting day this is.  My heart is so heavy right now.  I can't shake it off."

Miranda Lambert:  "I'm praying for those babies and all the victims of the Connecticut shooting.  May God bring peace to the families."

Luke Bryan:  "My family is sending the deepest prayers out to those victims in Connecticut today.  Heavy hearts and tears."

Keith Urban:  "My heart goes out to all those affected by the tragedy in Connecticut.  Thoughts and prayers with everyone."

Hillary Scott:  "Everyone reading this PLEASE get on your knees and PRAY for the sweet babies, families, and for everyone hurting in Connecticut right now."

Ashley Monroe:  "My heart is literally breaking for all those precious babies and their families in Connecticut.  I can't imagine.  Sending all my prayers."

Charlie Daniels:  "Pray for the families of the victims of the shooting in Connecticut.  Pure satanic evil walks among us."

Sunny Sweeney:  "My heart goes out to the families who lost a child or loved one in today's school shooting.  I am so devastated for them.  Prayers."

Lee Brice:  "Love those around you and never take a single day for granted!  Such a terrible tragedy today, keep all of those affected in your prayers."

The Band Perry:  "Our hearts are broken for the families in Connecticut.  Please join us in prayer for these families."