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Ever since Eric Church debuted his new single 'The Outsiders' on the CMA awards, the song has created a buzz that's got several Country music fans speaking out.

The song has re-ignited the 'what's country,' 'what's not country' debate to levels we haven't seen since the days of Shania Twain's pop crossover success. While country traditionalists continue to mumble and grumble about the pop flavored music of Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson and the rap-tinged tunes of Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, Eric Church has taken things to the other end of the spectrum with a rock-metal infused country song. While the 'Springsteen' singer and his 'Church Choir' of fans defend the song, traditional Country Music fans are speaking out and claiming that they will turn off their radios if the song is played on their Country Radio station.

In the beginning, a few Country Radio stations jumped on the record and gave it an impressive debut on the Country Music charts. However, after just a couple of weeks later,  it looks like Country Radio stations are quickly jumping off and dumping it from their playlists. Now, we'd like to know your opinion on this subject.

Should 'The Outsiders' be played on Country Radio stations? What do you think about the song? Please leave your comments in the section below.