Through the years several Country Music stars have landed themselves in trouble with the law. Randy Travis recently joined that long and interesting list of Country Music stars who now have their own mug shots.

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    Randy Travis

    According to, Randy Travis was arrested at 1:30 a.m. after watching the 2012 Super Bowl in Sanger, Texas. Police noticed his odd behavior and arrested him on a charge of suspicion of public intoxication. “A report of a suspicious vehicle was called in to Sanger police,” Tom Reedy of the Denton County Sheriffs Department told NBC 5 Dallas-Forth Worth. “Police go to investigate and find him smelling like alcohol and [he] had an open bottle of wine. The 52 year-old was arrested in front of a Sanger Baptist Church.”

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    Willie Nelson

    According to Willie Nelson posed for this mug shot following his arrest on pot possession charges in 2010. Nelson, 77 at the time, was cuffed after his tour bus was searched at a Border Patrol checkpoint. Nelson, who was en route to his home in Austin, claimed ownership of the six ounces of marijuana found on the bus, according to investigators.

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    Wynonna Judd

    According to, Wynonna Judd was arrested in 2003 for drunk driving in Nashville. Following a traffic stop, cops detected the smell of booze on the 39-year-old performer, whose eyes were watery and dilated. Judd, who told officers that she couldn't recall how many drinks she had polished off, agreed to a Breathalyzer and promptly blew a .175, more than twice the Tennessee limit of .08. Judd was released after posting $500 bond.

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    Rodney Atkins

    Rodeny Atkins was arrested November 21, 2011 and charged with domestic assault after his wife told police that he had assaulted her and tried to suffocate her with a pillow following a night of heavy drinking at their home in Tennessee. The 42 year-old was taken into custody and then booked into a nearby jail before being released a short time later after posting $2,500 bail.

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    Glen Campbell

    A favorite on, country singer Glen Campbell was arrested for drunk driving in November 2003. He also was involved with a hit and run. Police captured him after he nailed another car at an intersection in Phoenix from which he fled. After being booked, he assaulted an officer. Not a good night for the country star.