This was a great Grammy Award show, in my humble opinion.  Why? Because for once it seemed that country music got some very nice "street cred", didn't you think?  


Exhibit A-  Who do you think had one of the strongest performances of the evening?  Probably a tossup between Glen Campbell and Taylor Swift, but I give the edge to Taylor.  Is there anyone on the planet with a better stage presence than that girl?  She was so natural, so upbeat, just amazing.

Exhibit B- Lady Antebellum winning Album of the year -  well deserved, and really raises the image of country music to have them win.

Exhibit C-  Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson's performance - another great advertisement for country to have one of "ours" connected with a world class pop star like Kelly Clarkson (even though his mic didn't work in the end).

It made me proud to be associated with our format.  How about you?  Did you like the show?  Would love to hear your comments.