Courtesy of Larry Fuller

The Albany-Saratoga area Country Line Dance group, known as The Country Kickers, put their talents to use to entertain some people stuck inside the Maple Wood Manor Nursing Home this Memorial Day Weekend.

Dorothy Pingelski, a member of Kevin Richards' Country Kickers, leads the demo team for performances in the community. Several dancers, dressed in patriotic clothes, lined up on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at Maple Wood Manor Nursing Home to give the residents a little cheer this rainy, gloomy Memorial Day Weekend.

Pingelski leads a group of mostly senior dancers, but all ages are welcome to attend. The youngest member of the recreational dance group, 14 year-old Carla, told us about the experience: "I was very happy to dance for the residents at Maplewood Manor Nursing Home. Our dance group did a dance for them for memorial day, because they can not get out and enjoy the parades. I could tell that they really liked it a lot because they were trying to clap and keep up with the rhythm of the music. At the end, we went around and shook everyone's hand, and they all said thank you for the good time."

Nancy Stone Barnes, a member of the Country Kickers since 2008, told us why she loves participating: "To me, it's like dancing for my mom, she loved to dance and when i see the smiles on their faces it makes me feel as good as them! The demo we did today at maplewood manor, the seniors all were singing along with the songs, clapping their hands and dancing in their seats!"  Barnes continues to tell us the one dance that really livened up the room, "when we did Alice Polka, all the dancers sang out loud- who the hell is alice- and they all just loved it! They all laughed and that made my day. We also go around after and talk to them. They just love to watch us and look forward to us coming."

As the long-time country line dance instructor and DJ for the Country Kickers, It makes me proud that this team of wonderful people takes the dances that we learn and puts them to great use!  Click here for details about their previous demos.

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Courtesy of Larry Fuller