After a three month investigation, two Albany men have been arrested for possession of cigarettes that didn’t have New York State Tax Stamps on them, and some other counterfeiting issues.


This investigation involved the Albany County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit, The Division Of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and New York State Department Of Taxation And Finance.

It all started in the fall of 2013, when a call came in to the Albany County Sheriff’s Department about a Business on Central Avenue in Albany selling unstamped cigarettes. Investigators took action and went to the accused business and bought unstamped cigarettes.

A search warrant was issued for the business on January 16. Investigators discovered more than just unstamped cigarettes. They found counterfeit DVDs and CDs, a bootleg CD and DVD processing lab, counterfeit clothing, Hydrocodone tablets, marijuana and other drugs.

54-year-old Willie N. Woods and 38-year-old Jarmel E. Ross have a laundry list of charges which you can see in the story from News 10 ABC.