This is such a great event, and for an equally great cause-Operation Santa Claus (hey, the fat guy is feeling the economic pinch too, you know!)  All for the love of the ever popular Corvette!

It's the symbol of style, of ultimate cool, of status.  Always has been and always wil be.  And they are donating an entire weekend to it.  It's the 20th Adirondack Vettefest on September 9th thru 11th at the Ramada-Glens Falls/Lake George Area Inn in Queensbury.  You the public are invited to the  Auto Cross event on Saturday at the summit of Prospect Mountain.

On Saturday nite they have a VetteFest Banquet with music, dancing and parody singing from some third rate entertainer from the Sean and Richie Show. (Seriously, I'm really looking forward to this). That's for show registrants only.


You are ALL invited however on Sunday to see an amazing collection of the "only American sports car" for a small entrance fee.

For more information visit or contact Bill Riddervold Show Chairman at (518) 527-3329, or email



BONUS:  Did you know there is a Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky?  I thought I'd give them a little promotion as well.  Here's their video from YOUTUBE:

Hope to see you all there.  Isn't this is a great diversion from all the rotten, lousy, stinkin' news we've had lately?