We will be in touch on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and online all day at Countryfest and we want you to participate too! Here's how you can participate.


If you're on Twitter, follow us! @wgnafm and anything you have to say from or about Countryfest make sure you hashtag it #countryfest - we're going to have some of your Tweets featured on wgna.com Monday so make 'em good! We'll be tweeting not only what's happening backstage and onstage but also some updates on weather and traffic.



If you're on Facebook, tag WGNA in photos you upload and make sure to check out all of our photos and tag yourself.



Don't forget to check in on Foursquare - we have a location set up with the GPS in the middle of the crowd so when you update search for WGNA Countryfest and let us know you're there!

Online and Email

We'll be updating our website with plenty of videos, photos, and more throughout the day and over the weekend. On Monday we'll be sending you an email with all sorts of links to Countryfest material - make sure you're signed up for the Insider's Club so you don't miss that email! Feel free to submit your photos to us too via email and we'll add them to our online collection!