This is fantastic news.  A couple of country music icons have "schooled" everyone down in the city who said that "nobody likes that redneck music down here".  Check this out

According to a story on,  two country music icons - Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney have broken a record for ticket sales at Met Life Stadium (technically in NJ, but it still counts as the New York City area)

Quoting from the story:

this past Saturday Chesney, Tim McGraw, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Jake Owen surpassed (the past record) at MetLife Stadium with 56,285 tickets sold.

That's mind boggling, considering that not too long ago,  I had a conversation with my brother-in-law, Rich Scalia who lives in the East Brunswick area.  He told me that he was really starting to love CMT and country music in general, but couldn't find a radio station down there that played the songs!

Well, we're getting there, Rich.  Townsquare Media, our parent company, has a sister station down in the Atlantic City area -WPUR.  I know you're not near there, buddy, but you can find it on RadioPup, our free smartphone app.

So there you go: a great story AND a great promotional opportunity for country music.  Time to rewrite "New York, New York" and put a little twang in it.  (I'll get working on that)