The Albany Tulip Festival is a great tradition in this area.  We thought it was definitely a priority to congratulation the new queen, Kate Bender

According to the, the Tulip Festival was held in Washington Park, and they crowned Kate Bender, 18 , of Slingerlands the new queen.  Emily Finnegan was the former holder of that prestigious title.  With permission from the Times Union, here is she is

photo from the Times website. Used by permission

Wikipedia tells us that this event is a ceremony that celebrates the Dutch rite of spring, and more importantly it is an event that makes anyone, and i mean ANYONE a great photographer.  How can you NOT take a great shot with all of those colors?  Look at this picture I took with my cellphone camera of this Mother's Day flower arrangement

photo by Richie Phillips

OK, so I accidentally bought a funeral arrangement.  Picky, picky picky!   It still proves my point.

But I digress, like I usually do.  Congratulations, Kate.  Long live the ....QUEEN!