Health, shmelth!  Who cares about mundane things like calories, fat and salt content, hardening of the arteries and all that boring stuff!  Treat yourself next time you're in Vegas or maybe Chandler, Arizona.  Check out the Heart Attack Grill!   In fact you just may "check out" right after dinner.  I'm as serious as a get the idea.

I happened to be watching Brian Williams on NBC News the other nite, and he was mentioning this place in Las Vegas where you can order a burger that checks in at a whopping 8,000 calories.  I must have missed this one, because it's been in the news many times before, I guess.  But in case you did too, there's a place called "The Heart Attack Grill", where upon consuming said burger, you will feel like you've died and gone to heaven. And that's not just a catch phrase either.  You actually might!

They serve the "Heart Attack Burger", "Flatline Fries-cooked in lard!", you have to don a hospital robe and the waitresses are nurses.  And since I'm always looking out for a freebee for you fine folks, if you weigh 350 lbs or over, you get in free!

I found a guy who did a story on it at BreshDigitalTV, on Youtube.  Check this out!  This isn't a network news story by any means, but I actually like it better.  (PG language and content here and there)

The one sad part of this story is that they guy who was the spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill, 575 pound Blair River, recently DIED AT 29 YEARS OLD, according to They say he died of pneumonia, but according to the story

...Had he been thin, he would have had a tenfold opportunity to survive the pneumonia."

I'm not going to be a kill-joy (no pun intended here) by listing all the reasons that you shouldn't eat fatty. lardy foods.  The whole concept of the company is satirical in nature to begin with.  You have to laugh about it and take it in the spirit of which it was intended, although I do feel sorry for Mr. Rivers and his family.  But judging that he was a spokesman for the company, I'm sure he knew what he was getting himself into!

Would you eat one of those burgers?  Remember, that's like eating 5 days worth of calories in one sitting!  Would love to know!   I think in the meantime we should thank Thom Bresh, the guy who made this video and risked his life so that others could laugh at their computer screens!  Hope you did!