A ton of tech news this week, so let's get to it, tekkies!

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
How would you like to go to a website to order clothing, and be able to feel the fabric of the dress just by putting your fingers on the screen.  It's now possible, or it will be in the very near future, according to cnn.money.com


When you feel an object, your brain registers the series of vibrations on your skin as being smooth, rough, sharp, etc. Computer sensors are becoming sophisticated enough to do that too

How about an app that when your infant makes a sound the app will show a message saying "I want to eat" .
Computers will have all 5 senses. Do you believe that?  Move over Smell-o-Vision.
And now , the Gadget of the Week .  Stick and Find.  My favorite.  You can't find it yet.  And speaking of "can't find it", this invention will .  They are bluetooth powered location stickers.  Brilliant, but not on the market yet You put the sticker, which is the size of a quarter, according to the Retrevo Blog, and you can track any item.  Your wallet, your keychain , your whatever.  An alert is transmitted to your iPhone .  It's a new version of clap on clap off -the clapper!
This I thought was a joke.  According to Ecouterre.com,  an Italian Jean company called Replay, has new jeans that have a vinyl pocket with bluetooth in it.  You click on it and it tells everyone what your mood is. You can from there update your Facebook account from your pants.  I don't really understand this to be honest.    It even has different mood levels.
$196 -$260.  I don't know about you, but the price changed my mood!
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