So someone on my Facebook wrote that she wishes people wouldn't complain about the cold weather, "It's January in Albany, NY. What does everyone expect?" I have to be fair here first, I did pretty much say the same thing on the show but only AFTER I complained about it for a while.  Which brings me to my point, I actually think "what we expect" is to be able to complain.  OH how we all love to complain.  Granted most of haven't yet made it a science like  the old men sitting around the table at the local "Dunkin' Donuts' drinking coffee all day, but we try.

Don't they say, nothing worth while in life comes easy?  It's like,  if we don't struggle a little, work hard or feel a little pain we cant be happy with any rewards we get.   (Ryan Seacrest of course would be the exception that makes the rule here.)  So the complaining about the cold becomes a reminder of the struggles we endure to enjoy those days in  a boat on the Sacandaga, or the day of betting horses in Saratoga.  Almost a "badge of courage" to wear to remind ourselves and everyone else that we deserve all the good things life can bestow upon us because we put up with a few storms and below zero wind chills.

We need to complain.  And we love that,  winters in Upstate N.Y give us something to complain about.  It may be why we live here.  ( But Sean, why would anyone live here if they didn't like the cold and snow?  Why put yourself through that?)

Why do people really run a marathon?  They say, "to stay in shape",  "for the spirit of competition", or  "it's fun".  ( I call BS!)  Sure  those are good reasons, but lets be honest.  Most do it so they can say they did it.  If not to say it to their friends who would,  or could never  run a marathon, then to themselves.  And if it didn't hurt, if it wasn't hard, if it wasn't something they could complain about, well then everyone would do it.  And conversely,  no one would do it.  They EARNED the right to say , man that was hard.  If your running next to a guy on the 19th mile and he starts to complain that his legs hurt, you don't mock him.  You wouldn't say, "Hey, I wish you wouldn't complain,  it's a marathon what did you expect?"  You sympathize with him. They have every right to complain about the pain in their legs.  NO matter what their reason for running the marathon are.  What you would say is,  "I hear ya man, I feel it too but stay with me. The finish line is only 7 miles a way.  We'll get through it."  Maybe that's all the poor guy needs to make it.

So the next time your complaining about someone else complaining about the cold weather, say,  "I hear ya, I really hate it too, but spring is right around the corner, we'll get through it."  Maybe that's all the poor guy needs to make it.  I mean, just because the weather is cold, it doesn't mean we have to be cold to each other.