You know the common complaint about watching golf on TV.  It's worse than watching paint dry.  Even the Masters, as exciting as it was,  I grew a full beard waiting for it to end.  Well, take heart, impatient TV watchers.  Welcome to Power Play golf!

   It's becoming a hit in Ireland and other European countries. Basically you play 9 holes instead of 18, and you have to do it in 3 hours!  There are also 2 pins on every green, with one being alot harder to play than another.    Also, men and women can play against each other.    Here's a little video clip from YouTube:

  Personally, I love the idea.  I think it would attract alot more golfers who work during the day but want to sneak out and play a quick "9".   This would be a VERY quick 9!   And for television, it's a shoe-in!  I keep thinking whenever I watch golf on TV--"what younger person is watching this right now?   You can't stop a kid now-a-days from switching the channel every 5 minutes, for crying out loud!  Same with alot of adults.  This would be great.  In fact, if they could make it the same length as a 1/2 hour sitcom, that would be even better!  

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  I can't wait til POWER PLAY golf comes here.  Then I can destroy the grass on a course even that much faster!!!