The news is full of reports on the Colorado "Batman Massacre" shootings in the Denver area. As I read and watch all of the updates I just find myself saying "why?"Why does a brilliant 24 year old studying for a PhD just snap, throw on riot gear and shoot innocent people in a movie theater with no remorse? Why does he rig his apartment in a building full of other medical students from Colorado University with explosives?

The answer I came up is this, I have no clue why someone would do this. You have to truly be insane in order to understand the mind of someone who is insane. I'm glad they have him in custody so he can't kill anyone else on top the over a dozen innocent Americans who have already died at his hand.

I hope they study him hard, interview him with the the best psychiatric and criminologist to find out what made him tick. This information could be invaluable in heading the next person with deadly intent off at the pass before they can carry out an atrocity like this again. My prayers are with the families of those killed and wounded.

The sad thing is that the name James Holmes will be in our history, and may make others with evil in their heart and sickness in their minds consider doing the same.