Are you getting that annoying light on your dashboard telling you that something's not right with your tires? You better pay attention to those Firestones of yours!  Here are some tips.

Why are your tires flatter in winter?  Cold air causes the air inside your tires to contract which will actually reduce the tire pressure.  A tire that is underinflated may cause a number of different problems, including causing your car to use more gasoline, wear out the tires faster, and seriously underinflated tires can actually separate from the wheel rim and result in a car accident

According to an article on, your tire pressure will drop 1 pound per square inch for every 10 degree Fahrenheit decrease on the thermometer.  Cars built after 2007 all have tire pressure monitoring systems to let you know when you are below the minimum tire pressure.  Some high-tech cars will even tell you the amount of pressure in each tire, so if only one tire is low on air you know exactly which tire to add air to.   When it’s cold though, all four tires are going to need a boost.

Benefits of Keeping Your Tire’s Properly Inflated

Keeping the right amount of air in your tires makes your car safer to drive.  More of the rubber stays on the pavement and you’ll have better traction and more control over your vehicle. The tires will wear out slower, giving you more life out of the set of tires and saving you money over time.

I know it's annoying.  Who wants to get out of the car when it's 10 below and untangle that frozen hose laying on the ground?  Well, as you can see it's worth the effort!

We're justr watching out for you here at the Sean and Richie Show.  Happy driving!