Code Blue Saratoga Springs is an emergency shelter serving homeless people in the City of Saratoga Springs who might otherwise remain unsheltered during periods of extreme winter weather. This year we have had so many days that are under 20 degrees, or with more than 12 inches of snow!

The shelter is a collaborative effort between the City of Saratoga, faith-based groups, and nonprofits serving the homeless population and committed residents of the City of Saratoga Springs.

The Code Blue 8K Run is a race put together in order to raise money, and awareness for the Code Blue Saratoga emergency shelter.

This annual 8k road race will be held on Saturday of Easter weekend. Something special will be provided for all ages!  Include a silent auction, Easter egg hunt, face painting and more.

This year's race will be April 4, 2015 in Saratoga!

Click here to sign up for the race!

Your support for this awesome cause is needed.  With the support they need, this charitable event will help make a difference One Stride At A Time! Check them out on facebook.

Check out this documentary about Code Blue Saratoga -

Photo: Code Blue Saratoga