Detectives from the Hudson Police Department conducted an investigation which led them to a 29-year-old Hudson man’s apartment.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

What they found may have been considered a business - a drug business. They got a search warrant, and sent a parole officer to the man’s apartment on Green Street in the city of Hudson and did a residential search. That search turned up some incriminating evidence. They allegedly found crack cocaine, about 20 grams of powdered heroin, more than 100 individual bags of heroin, packaging and scales used for heroin distribution and more than $3,500 dollars cash. After the search was completed, authorities then arrested Frazier Townsend, and sent him to the Columbia County Jail.

Townsend had some previous legal issues. He is already on Parole For Drug Sale. In the story from News 10 ABC, Townsend may be charged with Intent To Sell and Felony Possession, and police are continuing an investigation.