This is the worst time of the year to hear that the clothing sales tax break is over in New York State. The state said they needed the money more than you did.

Literally. I know a lot of you are out over the next few weeks trying to make a budget strecth and make sure your kids have some nice clothes to wear when they head back to school. Many of my own kids can't even wear what they had last year becasue they have literally outgrown their pants, shoes and shirts. It's not easy, but at least the tax break on clothing offered some relief. The tax break should still be in effect, but New York State wants more of our money and they literally went into session and voted recently in the heart of the "back to school" shopping season to repeal it because they "need the money" more than you do. Jerks! It will be back next March though, when we "don't" need it. Not only that, but they are watering it down when it does come back. The old standard for the clothing sales tax break was on clothing purchases of $110 or less. When it comes back next year it will only be on clothing purchases of $55 or less. This state doesn't get it. I hope they're not using it to pay for all of Cuomo's chopper rides! LOL