We should prepare ourselves for hotter summers, snowier winters, severe floods, and a range of other effects.  Tropical Storms Irene and Lee are believed to be signs of a climate change for upstate New York.  A new report put out Wednesday was written by 50 scientists and released by New York's energy research agency and looked at all the recent weather patterns.


The collaborating scientists wrote a report called ClimAID.  These scientists are from Cornell University, Columbia University and the City University of New York.  They say we can expect hotter summers and wetter winters.  As residents of upstate New York, we could also see other effects on the environment communities and human health such as different allergies or allergies hitting during seasons we were never effected by before. 

The report  is used as a resource for policymakers, planners, farmers and residents.  It predicts the average annual temperatures in New York state will rise by 4 to 9 degrees by 2080.  The study also predicts precipitation will rise by 5 to 15 percent with most of the precipitation hitting during the winter months.  Other examples of the headache of these changes include   invasive insects and weeds will increasing, milk production will decreasinig, and electrical demand increasing in warmer months.

How do you feel about this projection?  Could you imagine the devastation if we had a tropical storm or hurriance in the same areas that were hit this past summer?