I love writing these little ditties.   I love finding out about towns large and small.  This was a large one-Clifton Park.  This time the information I  received for it was a little on the sarcastic side.  I can only go with the info I have-that's the rule.  The results are to follow:


Some of the factoids I received about the town:

1. Many of the residents have lawn ornaments

2. All of the houses look the same (harsh!)

3. There's always a major traffic jam entering exit 9 onto the Northway (no brainer there)

4. The Shenendahoah High School  kids are always in competition with the "Toga" kids.

5. It's the home of the Odyssey (and that's not a book by "Homer")

6. There's a Stewarts Shop on every corner

With that as my pool of data, here is the result.  Thanks to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band for their song "Fishin' In The Dark", because I think it fit perfectly. (well, at least I thought so but I'll let you be the judge)

If you'd like to sing along, I've provided the parody lyrics!

(You and Me) Livin’ In Clifton Park

parody of “Fishin’ In The Dark” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

lyrics (c) 2011 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved


There’s a town that’s really grown, and it’s always been the home of the clifton country mall

whoops someone get the whiteout please

that’s no longer what it’s called

I better make the correction


If you enter exit 9 to get to work on time via the old Northway

For an hour or two you’ll have a real nice view of Northstar Chevrolet

So you better be ready ooooh


You and me living up in Clifton Park

where there’s a Stewarts shop on each on each and every block

and it’s restaurant row

The residents there they spare no expense

buying pink flamingos and lawn ornaments

that’s how they spend their dough


The CP is it’s name

Where every house looks the same


If you ask the jocks over at Shen, I think they will agree

that anyone who plays a sport up in Toga is their arch enemy

that’s a no brainer (duhh)  ooooh


You and me driving round Clifton Park

where the Snoopy Building was a big landmark

it was the place to go


The Odyssey around here is not a book

It’s a place with no windows so you can’t look

It’s a big no no

But you can spend some awesome nites

hearing country music at Northern Lights


repeat ad nauseum





Thanks to the sarcastic folks for sending in the info!  If you'd like to nominate YOUR town, please do so in the comment section!