If you haven't heard by now, we are about to be invaded by Billions of little, noisy underground dwellers known as the 17 year Cicada. Right here in the Capital Region we will have millions of these red eyed Arthropods making noise and looking for love. There's good news though, they're edible!

In an interview with NBC Philadelphia, Isa Betancourt from the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University explains that cicadas are "The shrimp of the land".

They are arthropods which means they have exoskeletons like lobsters and crabs. Like I said she even calls them "the shrimp of the land".

There's even a cookbook for Cicadas called "Cicada-licous". Check it out for such dishes as cicada dumplings, cicada stir-fry, cicada cookies, and cicada-rhubarb pie.

Apparently cooked Cicada does in fact taste like shrimp and raw is nutty. Funny because I think you'd need to be nutty to eat them. Think about it, they spend 17 years underground waiting to hit the east coast make tons of noise and mate. They're basically the cast of "Jersey Shore".

Learn more about these DTF arthropods by watching these.