Every year, we got to the stores and we hear Christmas / holiday music over the sound system. I know I ruffled someone's feathers because I classified them as Christmas / holiday music. Let me explain - Some of the songs really don’t have Christmas as their theme.

'Winter Wonderland' - Yes, I know about the sleigh bells, but who said that you can’t put some bells on a sleigh any other time besides around Christmas? Let’s face it - It’s a safety factor. You may want to leave them on the sleigh all season.

'Let It Snow' - Again, it’s weather related. This is my favorite version, done by the country band  Ricochet.

‘Sleigh Ride’ - Here we go with the sleigh bells again. Remember, safety first! I know this is the instrumental version, so here's a link to the lyrics.

'Baby, It's Cold Outside' - This is self explanatory.

Did I miss any holiday favorites?