Can Chris Young get any hotter in country music than he is right now?

Simple answer to this question is yes. Yes he can, and yes he will. Chris has been on a roll that veteran stars of the country music world are envious of. When you hear his voice it all makes sense really fast. In my professional opinion he is right now one of the 5 best voices in country music. Ironically he scored a #1 with a song called "Voices" too. Country 1077 'GNA is happy to bring Chris Young back to Northern Lights for a packed house on November 4th.

He sold out the last time we had him in town. Don't miss this one and get your tickets now at the Northern Lights Box office in Clifton Park, Tickemaster outlets or online here. Chris Young is riding the wave of 4 huge #1 hits in a row, and has a brand new song on Country 1077 'GNA titled "You". Let's give it a listen and get ready for the show on November 4th.