Chris Janson has released a fun new music video for his single "Power of Positive Drinkin'."

The video mixes footage of Janson performing during his concerts with new shots that show the singer performing in a bar surrounded by people having a good time. The clip also features one of Janson's offstage talents: skateboarding. Throughout the video, Janson can be seen skateboarding around an empty concert venue.

"Work sucks, truck died, hot as hell outside, and my AC just broke / The woman I love packed half of my stuff, and she took off down the road / Where she went, I don’t know / But she’s never coming back," Janson sings in "Power of Positive Drinkin'." "My life feels like a joke / But it hurts too much to laugh."

But rather than letting all of the negative things in life get him down, Janson shares the wonders of positive thinking ... and drinking: “So I go / To that little place where the good times always roll / In the glow of the neon light, where I know / There’s a new song I’ll be singing / Before I leave, yeah, I believe in the power of positive drinking.”

“Power of Positive Drinkin'” is the follow-up single to Janson’s insanely popular “Buy Me a Boat.” It is one of 12 tracks on his newest release, also titled Buy Me a Boat, which is available for download on iTunes.

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