GNA Summer Picnic star Chris Cagle is currently back on country radio with a hit song titled 'Let There Be Cowgirls.' Cagle recently revealed that the new single was inspired by someone very special.

While Chris Cagle was enjoying some 'time off' the last few years, he retreated to Marietta, Oklahoma. According to his web site, it was a place where he could distance himself from the industry, reconnect with his roots and take back control of his life. He spent the next couple of years staking his claim on home life and embracing a lifelong dream: building his family’s home, “Big Horse Ranch,” with his own two hands, nail by nail. What started out as a “piece of dirt,” is now an impressive Oklahoma homestead. Chris also met his wife Kay, who he describes in the song 'Let There Be Cowgirls: ‘Something you can’t tame/She’s a mustang/ The heartbeat of the heartland.’