Chris Cagle was supposed to be a part of this year's Countryfest, but due to surgery he had a few months prior, he was still recovering and couldn't take part in this year's festivities. He appears to be well rested and raring to go back out on the road. Chris recently posted this video on the web to say hello to his fans and letting you know what he's been up to the last few years. He also showcases a new song called "Got My Country On".

Chris is a great entertainer he's always put on a great show the various times he made a stop at Northern Lights and I was bummed like many of you that he couldn't make it up to Altamont for Countryfest 2011. Hopefully, in the near future he can make it back up this way and rock the Capital Reigon! I am also looking forward to hearing many more new songs from Chris because this new tune sounds awesome!