I love clam chowder. I have had New England which is cream based done with many different flairs.

I have had people make it with clams and small chunks of freshwater fish to add some extra flavor, usually Perch. I have had it with the cream base and small diced potato pieces, and with corn added in some cases. It is always delicious and one of the best New England clam chowders I have ever had was lightly seasoned with dill.

I have also tasted many variations of Manhattan Clam Chowder which is the waterier tomato based version. This has been prsented many ways and I have never had a bad one. I actually had someone make a Manhattan Clam Chowder once with green beans and okra in it and it was off the charts great!

What is your favorite? New England or Manhattan? Here are some recipe ideas. You can taste and vote on numerous chowders at Chowderfest with 1077 'GNA and the City of Troy this Saturday from 11am -4pm in the Marina District. Samples are $1 each and for every 5 samples you purchase you get a voting coupon to cast a vote and help pick the winners in the varuious chowder categories.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Troy which is awesome too! We'll see you there. Make sure you comment on this story so we can decide on the whole New England or Manhattan debate before Saturday.