Meet the newly married Ken and Ashleigh Newkirk. What a great couple.  (and not only because they are 'GNA listeners - don't get me wrong).  They are great for alot of reasons.  I hold them up as a perfect example of a couple who chose the right music for their wedding.  Maybe they should teach a class!

If you are planning a wedding reception, it's important to choose the right music for the occasion (and the right deejay, like one from "GNA- aka Kevin Richards,Lou Roberts, or Richie Phillips.) You have to be able to "play the room", sort of speak.  You don't send a list to the deejay of your favorite rap songs to play at the dinner hour, for example.  Or heavy metal, or blasting country songs either to be fair.

The Newkirks:

1. Played their favorite song as they were introduced to the crowd, and dedicated a special song to the wedding party.  That's perfect!

2. Asked for a variety of songs to be mixed throughout the event.   Not too many fast country ones, and I agree there too.  Sometimes people don't know how to line dance, and they feel weird!

3. Made sure they had "evergreen"  songs that everyone could relate to - young and old, like "Thru The Years" and "Sweet Caroline", not just extremely current songs that only younger people have heard of.

4.  Had special surprise dedications to their parents and GRANDPARENTS who were  "dearly departed".  I thought that was a very nice touch.

And finally, (and I don't mean this as a commercial message) they chose a very intimate spot to have their event in the first place, the beautiful Altamont Manor , which I feel has the effect of making the music and dedications even MORE personal, because it's a small venue and not a "wedding factory" type place with 5 events going on at the same time.

So to the Newkirks and their family, congrats on "doing it right".  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope that these tips will help others.