A child’s stepmother was accused of tampering with the child’s medication.

John Moore/Getty Images

This happened in Vermont.

In a story on News 10 ABC, Vermont State Police got a complaint back in October, that the medication prescribed to a 6-year-old child had been tampered with. The complaint was made from someone at The Pownal Elementary School.

After State Police seized the first set of pills in August and had them tested, it was discovered that some of the pills were actually powdered sugar. A second batch of pills was also tested and it was found that the medication had been replaced with Prozac.

The investigation continued. This led to the arrest of 32-year-old Kristy Prouty from Pownal, which is about 50 miles east of the Albany-area. Prouty has been brought up on a number of charges including Cruelty To A Child Under 10-years-old, Aggravated Assault, Prescription Fraud and a slew of others. Prouty has been sent to Marble Valley Correctional Facility, and has a court date on Thursday, November 14.