It seems like a nice idea for an Easter tradition, when actually it's not. Organizations for animals' rights, like the SPCA and Hudson River Humane Society suggest otherwise.

Keep in mind that these are living animals, and require a good amount of responsibility, maybe even more than a dog, cat or other domestic "household" pets like parakeets. Chicks and bunnies are not good pets.

From a story on WTEN, Windy Wyczawski, of the SPCA said that "rabbits are really timid, sensitive creatures. They don't like being picked up or petted." Another thing to keep in mind is that they may be cute, but some of them may even be carriers of illnesses and disease which could be harmful to humans.

Unlike dogs and cats, you can't just go to the store and pick up a bag of food for the animals. Not an easy task to feed them. Unfortunately, a lot of people that do buy the chicks and bunnies end up bringing them to local shelters, because they can't take care of them. Some communities may even have a zoning law or ordinance about having these kind of animals at your home.

If you really want to adopt a pet, you can always check out Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection on WTEN.

The best thing to do if you want those cute chicks and bunnies, is to buy them stuffed, as in stuffed animals like Teddy Bears, or buy the candy animals, like a chocolate bunny. Do you have a tradition for Easter?